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quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Furtive and eternal love

 Pedro Samuel de Moura Torres

It was at the first time in a furtive glance that I´ve found you, eyes on eyes in amazing wonder. Unknown intimacy, hovering in the exchange of glances, such a passion that suffocates and intrigues the reason, the most exact logic submerge the conviction. The whys succumb to the ravishing emotion that your eyes mesmerize me. Invisible sparkles launched from them, invite and defy my fragility, would be your beauty? The subjectivity of your being repels and questions myself to conclude was I born to love you? You´ve made me discover what melody and poetry mean, the intriguing fact of falling in love, even just a glance, senses make sense. I´d love to rhyme in the rainbow of your lips giving myself entirely, with the poetry of love, levitate and dream that life was worth for having met you. As they say: “all good things come to an end”, so it was you, so special that the time took you away, so precious that chance envied you, for poet that I´m, you´ve been my apogee and inspiration that designate me this occupation. Your eyes used to steal my intellect carrying with it all the words, planted a sense of emotion inside the chest, so confusing as it is said heart is, so untouchable that even the reasons never reaches it in its boundaries. Everlasting love, whose eternity was devoted to an immaterial plan, that has passed and has left the eternity sowed on a previously uninhabitable land, your habitation nailed the roots, your very existence has transformed me completely in a subtle way, with just a look, I came to realize my weakness or would it be my noble humanity to love you?

                                                                                                              Pedro Samuel de Moura Torres



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