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segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014


I arrived in the school at 7:40 but I could apply the exam just at 8:20 because Jefferson needed to make copies of the exam. So, I entered the classroom and the two girls were already there waiting for me; I greeted and organized them and explained the procedures to answer the exam. We started the exam at 8:25 AM. For the text interpretation, I told them that if they did not understand the sentences in English, they could ask me to translate it, as I did with most of them, but the text I was not supposed to translate for I had already asked them to read it previously. They told me the text was very hard to understand as they had read it at home, but I imagined that it would be viable because, at home, they were free to resort to many resources to understand that text.

The class remained in silence for a while but occasionally a student used to inquire me about the personal pronoun as she was confusing all of them; she thought "she, he and it" were first person and "I" was third person, but I explained her several times for she was asking me repeatedly about that. But finally she silenced and the class got back to peace. They finished the exam at 8:50 and I told them that I could not give the results that day, because they should come again next week for their teacher Leli would give their results. Alone in the room, I corrected the exams and I was really satisfied with the results, they were very good with text interpretation and a student surprised me amazingly for she demonstrated my methodology had worked well and also because she has shown that she studied hard and learned everything, she got 9.0 and the other one got 7.25. I am very glad with the final results. 




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