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terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014



At the beginning of the semester, the Professor tutor Fernanda Mota proposed us to teach in a public school offering us two choices: Manoel Novaes or Henriqueta Catharino and as my criteria to choose was according to the time that would fit with other disciplines I take at UFBA and according to the small period I stay in Salvador, I ended up taking the school Henriqueta Martins Catharino with the Mentor teacher Zuleide Ribeiro Pereira Batista in the class 2nd A in the morning shift, which, according to the Mentor teacher Leli, was a class not meant to be available for the teaching practice because of the recurrent students' dropouts.

The school environment was from a typical public school with lots of frenetic and energetic teenagers making noises, joking around and talking. The classrooms were somehow large, in some classes, students fulfilled all the desks, while in others, there were just a few students distributed randomly. Their behavior was so energetic that frightened the visitors unaccustomed to that context. Even so, they seemed to be respectful to the teachers. The teacher’s attitude seemed to be of a natural authority with a certain distance but in class they seemed to act more accessible to the students’ needs.

All though I could observe just a real class in this school, because I arrived in a week of exams and from what I could analyze in this single real class, the teacher seemed to work very traditionally with no space for the revolutionary theories we have learnt at UFBA. Besides that, she worked with no contextualization, no interaction in the target language and no meaningfulness based on the usage of the grammar topic. 

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