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quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014


We entered the class at about 08:20 AM, six students sat in their places and the teacher started explaining all the process to answer the Portuguese, composition and mathematics exams. It took approximately fifteen minutes for the students to ask questions and discuss with the teacher about how to answer properly in the chart of the exam. Thus, they started to answer the exam at around 08:30 AM when the class became totally silent. At 08:45 AM the principal came in the class and paused their exam to clarify any doubt they might have about the process to answer the exam. All of a sudden, the teacher started complaining with a student because he was talking to one of his classmate as if he was doing that in order to show off because there was somebody else in the class.  

A student still with doubts called up the teacher in order to help him understand the answering process better. Another pupil started to talk to his classmate and the teacher started to complain asking him to get back in his place. The first student finished his exam at about 09:25 AM and he already wanted to leave the room, but the teacher told him that they were allowed to leave only in the right time, so he kept waiting there for a while. Two students finished the exam together and left the room but one of them has not done the composition. A girl handed the exam without having done the composition and the teacher tried to motivate her to do it but she merely left the room. Two more students left the room at 9:40 AM. The one before the last student handed the exam and the teacher checked if her answers were ok and the last one handed the exam at 9:50 AM when the teacher noticed the student had not written her name properly in capital letters.

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