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segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014


I went to the school at 10:00 o’clock when I saw Diogo and Rafaela there and as soon as I went to the school office to get the attendance book, the Principal told me that day would be no class and that the teacher Lelli tried to call me to tell me but she could not communicate with me. I told Diogo and Rafaela about that, explaining that I had tried to call the Professor Fernanda but she did not answer it, when Diogo told me he would send a message explaining that for me, since my cell phone plan does not allow me to send messages but just to call.

I thanked Diogo, and even so, I went to the class to check if anybody was there. I waited until 11:15 AM, then when I left the room I saw some students of other classes and asked them about my students. They told me they were playing soccer in the gymnasium of sports. I decided to go there to verify; when I arrived there, I saw no girl but many of the boys were playing soccer dressed like women. I decided to leave there really frustrated for having planned a lesson and for being neglected by not being notified about that, making me spend the time.


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