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segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014


I arrived in the school at about 7:50 AM and I went to the teacher’s room where I found some of my classmates there. We talked about the exams and so on; then I saw Jefferson and we were instructed to apply the exam at the same room, but since his students were already busy, we decided to apply it in our own classes. Hence, I entered in the classroom at approximately 8:20 AM and there were almost all the students that have appeared already in the class except for a student who had totally disappeared. Someone of her colleagues told me she was dating outside the class and then I thought "Oh God! I know she is already destined for the summer school exam, but at least she should have come for this exam."  I started to organize the class separating all the students and after that, I handed out the exam.

I read everything explaining the procedures to answer it and they got started at about 8:30 AM. They were all very silent and I noticed that most of them who did not come to classes had troubles with answering it. Some of them came to me to ask about the last question which I explained again that they should create a sentence using the indefinite pronoun some, any, no/none and another sentence with its compound forms. I had worked with these pronouns always contextualizing them, bringing them through texts, songs, sentences, dialogs and so on, but even so, they seemed to have problems with it. I started to try to make them remember some songs name which had this pronoun when finally they all remembered some of them.

The first one to leave, even though he used to come to class in the first days, but he stopped coming when I began to teach this content, he had not done the activities which were worth points, he handed the exam and I could see he was not successful in it. When I started to correct it, I saw he had not studied it even if I have asked him to study through the slip of paper with the grammar explanation and activities that I gave to him. He took a grade of 4.0, yet when I analyzed his previous grade, I got surprised for he just needed two points to pass. When all of them finished the exam, I started to correct it as I told them to wait that I would give their grade and the final result soon.

The ones who did the activities throughout the class got better grades than the ones who did not; and for those who did not, I measure the exam as if it was worth 10 points. I got surprised by one student who just came on the first and on the last day, and even so, he took a better grade than many who came regularly. When I asked him about it, he told me he had studied through the slips of paper activity I gave him on the last class. Since I imagined that in the following days students would not come, I decided to give their results and exams that same day. When I finished the corrections, I started to tell their grades and I advised a student who needs to do the final exam in the summer school that our next meeting would be on January 6th , 2014. I asked her to tell the absent student that she also needs to do this exam. I thanked all of them, said goodbye and left the room.  

I'm satisfied because most of them had passed the year, even the ones who never came to my classes. For the one who took a good grade attending just one class with just one activity, I'm happy too, for he has showed that he was an autodidactic student, learning everything just following the written activity I gave him, which portrays the underpinnings of the learner-centered and constructivism ideals that is the autonomy in the learning process. I also realized that the two ones who were to do the final exam were the ones who had missed previous units grades, so it was impossible for them to pass even if they took a ten grade.






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