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segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014


           I arrived in the school at about 8:00 o’clock AM, I went to the teacher’s room where I found Andressa there and I asked her about the teacher Leli, she told me she was waiting for her too. Since Leli was taking too long to arrive in the teacher room, I decided to ask some other teacher about her, he told me she was in the office room. I went to the office room and then I found the teacher Leli with Rafaela who was still putting students' grades in the class diary. Then, I asked her if my students had come that day, she asked me to go there and verify as I went to my classroom. When I entered the class, there were many noisy students from Jefferson’s class, in the middle of them I saw just a student of mine, another student was missing and someone told me she was out of the class.

I called the only one student to get closer as I sat near her and asked about the absent student as she confirmed she was outside. Then I said I would not wait for her as I started the review just with her. Jefferson's students were making much noise and then politely I asked them to leave the room because of their noise and they obeyed me leaving us in silence. I told her to take note of the grammar topics with the corresponding pages in the book; I handed out the review activity and I started reviewing each one of the four topic, eliciting her to remind them as I had all her emergent doubts cleared up. I realized that in an exclusive direct relation to just a single student, they usually feel more comfortable to ask about their doubts and they participate more, engage more, we perceive their doubts and thus they learn much more.

As she had some more doubts about Tag questions, I helped her to understand its usage, which for affirmative sentences, negative tag questions, and for negative sentence, affirmative tag questions. I elicited her to realize that we have to use the same auxiliary verb of the sentence with the same verb tense, if the first sentence start with the auxiliary verb to be, the tag questions should also use the verb to be and so on. In the middle of the class, at about 9:10 AM, the other student entered the room as I looked at her seriously, but I called her to get closer to us. She came and I asked her to wait until I finish the review with the student.
I reviewed everything with the first student and I read the dialog with her, then she left the room. As for this late student, I explained her that since she had arrived very late, I would be very fast with her. I handed out the activity and I started reviewing each one of the topics but in a very brief way, fortunately she showed to have some domain in the topics I was presenting. I asked her to study hard and I told the pages in the book for her to study those topics as well. Then I asked her to read the dialog, she read it with my direction helping her to understand and to realize the grammar topic usage and then we left the room at about 10:30 AM. Although the time was very short to review four grammar topics, I was very practical and objective with taking this little time to review everything and students contributed for they have reminded and clarified their doubts in a short time

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