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quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014


For the mathematics' exam with the teacher Emanuel students from the 2nd A and B were joined in the same room at 08:04 AM. The exams started at 08:07 AM; with an anxious and uneasy atmosphere students were very agitated and they started joking around saying they needed desperately to cheat on the test for they did not remember anything they had studied. Most of them did not show any empathy with the test as if they ignored the content presented in the exam.

Some students discussed with each other uninterested and indifferent as if they were not prepared for the exam and they did not care about it. Most of them seemed lost and totally unprepared. The first student to hand in the test in blank left the room at 08:15 AM; it started as domino effect and soon another student also gave it up at 08:17 AM. The third student left soon at 08:19 AM. The class became silent a little when suddenly a student looked at me and asked me which subject I would teach, I answered him that I would teach English and then he made fun saying that unfortunately I would not be able to help him in that hard situation and then a girl said jokingly that for me to have achieved the English I must had passed through Math as well and that probably I could help them.

Some students looked at a girl who appeared to be really involved with the exam and started to ask for her help aloud. Another student handed the exam in blank at 08:26 and just after one more student found courage to give it up as well leaving the room together. Other students just left one minute after. Two more students left the room together at 08:28 and other two more at 08:29 and then eight more students started leaving and handing the exam. With about six students still trying to answer the exam, I saw a girl counting on her fingers and trying to look at her classmate’s exam, this same girl gave it up and left the room at about 8:30, subsequently another student gave it up too. All at once, two girls who had already handed the exam came back to the class and started asking their teacher to give their exam back so that they could answer something they had remembered, but the teacher did not allow it. Another student handed the exam at 08:33 and another at 08:34. The next-to-last student handed the exam at 8:37 and finally the last one handed it at 08:38.    


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