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quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2014



The AVALI exam of the 1st and 2nd grade of humanities and natural sciences began at 08:30 where there were only five students. The teacher joked with a student by telling him that she knew who his girlfriend was and that if she knew about his behavior, she probably would beat him. A student asked questions about the exam, the teacher explained and then the class became silent for a big while; students seemed to be really concentrated in that. 

In the middle of the exam, by having an opportunity, I asked a student if they enjoy learning English and I found out a student who liked it and could communicate somehow in English with me. But the problem that appeared in my mind was that I should work with a method that would engage everyone not just this singular one. He told me he got in touch with the language by playing games, he also answered me "in English" that he liked to play soccer. He also told me that he would probably study Letras when he finishes the High School. That was a good but inappropriate opportunity to interact with them for they were answering their exam, but I could be in advance a little bit aware of some of their likings.         

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