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terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014


The main purpose of this work is to reflect on the theories and practices developed throughout Estágio Supervisionado em Língua Inglesa II, being based also on the background constructed in the course LET B28/29- Estágio Supervisionado em Língua Inglesa I and II, some of the pedagogic theories that were analyzed through our observation and applied in our practice in classes.

This final report displays the main movements of the theories I learned and my practices as a trainee teacher in the public school Henriqueta Martins Catharino, all that I learned in practice since I was inexperienced. It also shows some contributions of the researches and readings I did about the methods to apply in class and it reveals all the creativity I had to appeal on my own, which I learned how to develop.      

After the introduction, this final report also contains five observation sheets in which I reported on the classes I observed at the public school Henriqueta Martins Catharino with the Mentor teacher Zuleide Ribeiro Pereira Batista in the group 2nd A grade that soon I was going to teach all by myself. Even though, in my observations, I just had one day of real lesson, since the others were just exams that I most observed, those observations contributed immensely for me to engage with students and to grasp some notions about the pedagogies and methods I should use with them. I started to pay attention to their needs and began to reflect on them.

It also encloses all the lessons plans that I taught during a period of more than just one month which was constituted by only ten days of classes and two days for the final exam. As a result of the strike we had last semester, the trainee period was shortened. It displays all the activities that were applied in class and some homework activities as well as all the classes reports which detail many aspects of my first experience as a teacher, such as the methods and approaches I had in mind as I tried to apply always willing to keep the class more learner-centered with the constructivism, inductive and communicative language teaching educational perspectives.

It also presents the Professor feedbacks about my classes as she went there two times to observe my performance as a teacher, analyzing and contributing with her appraisals and recommendations. It reports all the movements of the classes, everything that happened there, the students’ responses to my approaches, the way that classes were conducted, our relationships, our communication, our empathies, the warm-ups, the creativity I had to discover in my pedagogic potentiality, the flexibility I had to develop, the results, students participation, all my efforts to be understood and to get their attention and so on.     

I may be sincere that at the beginning of the semester I was somehow very anxious if by any chance I would get a difficult class to handle, because of my lack of experience and my intrinsic need of perfection, but in the end, everything just fitted properly for me. And just as the Mentor teacher Leli has told me previously, they were a great class regarding their respect, obedience and solicitude. On the other hand, they were not assiduous at all, which made it really difficult to keep on following the contents; they missed the classes many times in which in most of the cases I had few students in a group that have more than ten students. But even so, the days they were in class, I really enjoyed their accessibility to participate in all the activities I proposed.

In the beginning of the classes, I was also in doubt about the contents I should teach, I asked for the Mentor teacher's suggestions and she told me that I could teach anything from that specific unit in the book which was too large for just one month of classes. Thus, I tried to reach a consensus with my classmate Jefferson as we decided to use some main texts and grammar topics from the school book that was borrowed to us trainee teachers.

In spite of all difficulties that I had at the beginning, I should say that it was indeed a fruitful experience for me, for I could apply many theories I had learned in Estágio Supervisionado em Língua Inglesa I and II, and therefore, I could understand what it feels like to be a teacher, how the teacher should prepare the lessons, manage things in class, be flexible at all the time, develop activities and exercises that would be suitable and helpful for their occasion and so on.     



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