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quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014



Timing: 50 minutes

Main Goal: By the end of the class, students will be able to know how to use some useful questions to interact with the teacher in class, to reflect upon learning a foreign language and to have notions of reading skills and pronunciation of a text. 

Skills: Speaking and reading  

Topic: Reflections on learning a second language, useful classroom language and reading skills and pronunciation.

Prior knowledge: Students have learned how to ask basic questions when they meet someone. 

Materials: Whiteboard and book.         


 Remind students of what they learned in the previous class and tell again the students who missed the last class how they will be evaluated and ask the students to hand in their homework.
The teacher starts greeting the students and asks their names, ages and their favorite color.  Students answer and hand in their activity.
Reflections on the importance of learning a new language.
Students will reflect on the importance and the utility of learning English by raising awareness of the many beneficial aspects that a foreign language can provide. 
Teacher starts asking them why learning English is so important in order to establish a dialog about the value of acquiring a new language by showing them some of its good advantages.
Learning/reviewing helpful sentences to use in the class.
Students will learn useful and basic questions to take their doubts in the classroom, such as: How do you say.... in English?  What does it mean? How do you spell.....? Could you repeat it please? (Could you say that again?) Teacher, can you explain that again?
And teacher presents basic instructions such as: Open your book to page number..., close your book, turn to page number.., for homework, work in pairs etc.
Teacher tells students they should use these useful sentences just in English throughout the classes and starts writing some of them on the board by inducing them to remember how to construct such sentences and to infer their meaning avoiding direct translation.  
Practicing reading skills and pronunciation.
Students will learn some basic skills to read a text and practice the pronunciation.
Students will be able to apply the learned questions to ask for help and use language to talk about the text. 
Teacher asks them to open the book and asks them to pay close attention to the heading of the text and then the teacher asks them to say what they think it should be talking about, what kind of vocabulary they expect to find on it, they are advised to look at the translated vocabulary below, pay attention to the cognates words and identify words they already know.  
After they give their impressions about the text, students are asked to read the text one at a time (chain reading).
Teacher helps students regarding pronunciation as needed. And for homework the teacher asks them to make a list of the unknown words they find and to answer the following questions in the book    


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