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segunda-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2014



Timing: 50 minutes

Main Goal: By the end of the class, students will be able to remember and review some main grammar topics they have learned throughout the whole units. 

Skills: Reading. 

Topics: The Simple future, Present perfect, Tag questions, Some, any, no/none.

Prior knowledge: Exam on Some, any and no/none and its compound forms.

Materials: Slips of paper with the four grammar topics to be reviewed and the board.  


warm up
Greet students to make them feel more comfortable about the expectations of the exam.
Let students aware about the four grammar topics will be in the final exam and the day it will be.
Teacher starts greeting them in a friendly way trying to calm them if by the way they are very anxious and asks about their holiday.
Then he advices them to study for the four topics and he shows the pages of the book where they can find all of the topics. 
Reviewing the four topics
Review and remind the main rules of the four grammar topics.
Resolve students doubts about them.
Arouse interest in the activities for they worth points.
Put students to practice what they reviewed through exercises.
Teacher hands out the slips of paper with the reviewing activity telling them that exercise would worth two points so that they can be more interested and starts reading it conducting students to understand it and when necessary he explains the topics on the board.  
In the explanations reviews and for the final exam the teacher avoids many details, just shows the main rules for each topic in a superficial approach.
He keeps reviewing the topics one by one, following the paper and when necessary he uses the board to explain better.
After the review at each topic, the teacher asks students to answer the correspondent exercise helping them when necessary.
After all that, teacher reads the dialog and allows students to understand the dialog and to find the grammar topics inside the text and then recognize its rules. After that, he invites students to role-play this dialog where all those grammar topics are applied.
Ensure if students have learned and remembered the topics.
Teacher asks for their doubts and if they have any, he tries to clarify them.  

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