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quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014



Timing: 50 minutes

Main Goal: By the end of the class, students have learned how to read, pronounce and understand a text, increase their vocabulary, improve their listening skills and be immersed in the next topic "some and any".

Skills: Reading, listening and writing.

Topic: Reading and listening skills

Prior knowledge: Students have started to learn some of the strategies and continue to read the text.

Materials: White board, book, computer, music and Lyric.


Remind students of what they remember about the last class.
Listen to a song with the lyrics and fill in the blanks in order to introduce the following topic.
The teacher starts greeting the students and he asks their homework and then continuous to read the text about sanitation by helping them with vocabulary, pronunciation and understanding, showing some of the strategies to read a text in English.
Song activity
Immerse students in the next topic.
Work with new vocabularies and activating words they may know.
Improve their listen skill.
Cultivate their imagination and perception.
Elicit students to have an idea about the song by associating the words they learned.
Catch students attention and interest in an artistic and creative way.
As the first pre-listening activity the teacher gives students the title of the song and asks them to predict words that they expect to hear. Then the teacher writes on the board some of the more challenging words and helps them to understand. He hands out the lyrics and as a while-listening activity he asks students to fill in the blanks with the words they hear and to stimulate their imagination they should draw a picture representing what they hear and in the end they should explain the meaning to the teacher. Then the teacher plays the song "Somewhere over the rainbow" by Norah Jones twice or three times when needed.
Reflect on the main idea of the song.
Think about some of the useful strategies to read any text and enable them to see the indefinite pronoun inside the song. 
Teacher asks what they learned about the text, strategies and about the song they just heard.
Keep students engaged with the taught content.
Improve their ability of autonomous learning. 
For homework teacher asks them to translate the two missing words (somewhere and someday) that they just filled in the blanks while listening to the song and asks them to read the page number 119.