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segunda-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2014



Timing: 50 minutes

Main Goal: By the end of the class, students will have reviewed some of the indefinite pronouns "some, any, no/none", get immersed with its compound forms  "someone, anything, somewhere, everything , everyone etc." and learn new vocabulary and interpret themes using the song.

Skills: Reading and speaking (interpreting), listening, and writing.

Topic: Compounds forms of the Indefinite pronouns: somewhere, anyone, somebody, everything etc." 

Prior knowledge: Students have learned how to apply the indefinite pronoun some, any and no/none".

Materials: White board, Computer, mini music boxes, music and Lyrics.

Remind students of what they studied last class.
Ask their homework and warn them about the activities and exam points and topics.
Show them the compound forms of the indefinite pronouns: someone, anyone, no one, somewhere, something, everything, everyone etc.  
The teacher starts greeting the students and reviewing them of what they learned last class. He asks their homework activity and for the ones who did not come last class, the teacher hands out the slips of paper and the homework from the previous class and asks them to read the rules at home and warns them that it will be on the exam and that the homework activity is worth 3 points.  
Elicit students to understand that the usage of some, any and no is the same to its compound forms: someone, anything, everything, everyone, etc.
Song activity
Listen to a song with the lyrics and fill in the blanks in order to practice the topic already taught "somewhere, someone, anything, anyone, no one, somebody, nothing, everything etc."
Work with new vocabulary and activate words they may know.
Improve their listening skill.
Elicit students to have an idea about the song by associating the words they learned.
Catch students' attention and interest in an artistic and creative way. 
As the first pre-listening activity he gives students the title of the song and asks them to predict words that they expect to hear. Then the teacher writes on the board presenting the song's vocabularies and helps them to understand them. He hands out the lyrics and plays the song "I'm with you" by Avril Lavigne twice or three times when needed. As a while-listening activity students should fill in the blanks with the compound forms and the teacher warn them about a broken rule usage in the song. After they finish it, they are invited to sing it all together following the music once again.  
Check what students learned about the topic and about the song main idea.
Enable students to interpret the song by trying to find some about the themes that may be in the song. 
Teacher asks what they have learned about the indefinite pronouns. 
Teachers starts asking what are some of the main themes we may find in the song.
Incite students to exercise what they learned to get prepared for the exam.
For homework teacher asks them to do the exercises on page number 121 to 123.

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