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sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

Lesson plan: Composition peer correction

Main goal
Make students learn how to evaluate and give feedbacks to each other composition sharing their knowledge in a pleasant, accessible and supportive way.

Specific goal

- Make them aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses and that evaluation is not just a teacher dominion but rather a skill that they also can develop and that would contribute effectively to their learning process .

- Encourage students to correct and give feedbacks by pointing out the mistakes, suggesting the correct form, praising the successes and drawing the attention for missing matters.

- Make students conscious of the efficacy of sharing knowledge and the importance of working in g.

- Rouse their awareness that they can also be part of the evaluation process.

 - Stimulate their autonomy in the learning process and selves-evaluation.

- Increase their perspective about the many possibilities in assessments and in the writing process.

- Learn from their own and other's mistakes.


In a circle students round their composition in the class with their names in it. Through peer correction: having their compositions corrected by themselves, they should mark each other's mistakes and write the correct form in a blank paper, suggest improvements and praise it when needed. Then, the texts go around the whole class passing through everybody' hands until it finally get back to the owner who may accept the advices or not. 








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