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quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2015

Recuperação do 8 ano

School:___________________________________________Class:________8_______ Teacher:________________________Name:_________________________________ Date:________________ Final exam Hello, My name is Peter, welcome to my life! This is my house, I'm the father and this is Carmen, she's my wife. These are my children, this is Eduardo, he's my eldest son. These two boys are my twins sons, this is junior, he's always playing videogames and Marcos's always playing the guitar. This is my daughter, she's Mary and she's always dancing. This is my youngest son, he's Lucas and he's always singing. Those women are my sisters, she's Vanessa and the blonde's Jacqueline, they're visiting us today. These two boys are my nephews, they're George and Carl and they're visiting us to play with their cousins. This is my house. 1. Responda as questões em inglês de acordo com o texto. (2.0 pontos) a- Como é o nome do pai? ___________________________ f- Quem são Vanessa e jacqueline? ___________________________ b- Como é o nome da sua esposa? ___________________________ g- Quem são George e Carl? ___________________________ c- Quem é Lucas? ___________________________ h- Como é o nome dos filhos gêmeos de Peter? ___________________________ d- Como é o nome da filha de Peter? ___________________________ i- O que Junior está sempre fazendo? ___________________________ e- Quem é Eduardo? ___________________________ c- Quantos filhos Peter tem? _______________________________________ 2. Complete as frases com os pronomes demonstrativos e traduza-as para o português. (3.0 pontos) a . ________ is my computer. (Perto) ___________________________________ f. ________ man is a nice dentist. (perto) ___________________________________ b. ________ are my brothers. (longe) ___________________________________ g. ________ boys are Brazilians. (Longe) ___________________________________ c . ________ are my students. (perto) ___________________________________ h. ________ girls are my cousins. (Perto) ___________________________________ d. ________ dog are violent. (longe) ___________________________________ i._______ is my husband. (perto) ___________________________________ e. ________ is my wife. (longe) ___________________________________ j. ________ are my friends. (perto) ___________________________________ 3. Assinale a alternativa correta usando os Pronomes Demonstrativos em inglês. (1.0 ponto) 1 - Is _______ your son? ( )Those ( )This ( )These 2- _______dogs are violent. ( )These ( )That ( )This 3- ____ people are nice. ( )This ( )That ( )Those 4- _____ girls are funny. ( )That ( )This ( )Those 5- ____ flower is beautiful. ( )This ( )These ( )Those 6- ____ boy is my brother. ( )These ( )That ( )Those 7- ____ girl is my sister. ( )These ( )That ( )Those 8- ____ Doctors are from USA. ( )This ( )That ( )Those 9- ____ girls are my sisters. ( )These ( )That ( )This 10- ____ man is a Dentist. ( )These ( )Those ( )That 4. Complete as frases com o verbo to be: AM, ARE, ou IS. (2.0 pontos) a. I ____ Brazilian. b. She ____ my girlfriend. c. They ____ close friends. d. He ____ a nice Doctor. e. It ____ my Smartphone. f. You ____ so special. g. We ____ classmates. h. you ____ nice Doctors. i. Peter and Mary ____lovers. j. Marcos ____ my brother 5. Reescreva as frases usando o verbo "to be" na sua forma contraída. (2.0 pontos) a. I am Japanese. ______________________________ b. She is my friend. ______________________________ c. They are great lovers. ______________________________ d. He is a nice person. ______________________________ e. It is my computer. ______________________________ f. You are beautiful. ______________________________ g. We are students. ______________________________ h. you are beautiful girls. ______________________________ i. Teresa is my sister. ______________________________ j. Nivaldo is my father. ______________________________ Merry Christmas!