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quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2015

Atividade de advérbios

Name:_______________________________________________________ Transforme os adjetivos em advérbios de acordo com as regras. a- Jonh speaks ________________ (fast) b- Mary dances _______________ (nice) c- Pedro walks _______________ (slow) d- Michael appeared_____________ (sudden) e- She is crying ____________ (painful) f- He is hiding himself_____________ (shy) g- They did it ___________ (complete) h- He was speaking _____________ (public) i- We judged him __________ (extreme) j- Luci parades ______________ (elegant) k- They left the room _________ (quick) l- She speaks__________________ (clear) m- They are ___________ confident with the new president. (hopeful) n- The waiter takes the tray_____________ (careful) o- This gift is ____________ for you. (special) p- The boy acted ______________. (strange) q- He speaks English __________. (bad) r- Carol wants to speak _______________ with you. (particular) s- ___________ (obvious) it is an animal. t- She speaks Portuguese__________(perfect) u- They danced _______________ (beautiful) v- Peter__________________(hard) comes. w- They kiss______________(romantic) x - He is ________________(simple) funny. y- The sloth walks ____________ (lazy). z- She sings so _____________(sweet).

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