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segunda-feira, 8 de setembro de 2014


The theme discussed here "An organizing process of the first period" is necessary to understand the literacy development throughout the educational history of the country, scanning its path until nowadays, reflecting about literacy practice in schools and why students reach the final years of elementary school without the desired results: reading and writing properly. It is also necessary to discuss the importance of family involvement in the education process, as well as to reflect on what has caused the distance between families and schools and vice versa. Another important point is the educational policies implemented by the government as well as the proper training of education professionals, mainly in regard to literacy. Finally it presents a cut of the municipal schools in Sátiro Dias city, the place where the research was done, taking into account that the education system should be guided by the principles of equality, freedom and the preparation of the citizens for the full exercise of citizenship, considering that the reading and writing development is the basic conditions to achieve these principles. Keywords: Reading - Writing - Literacy

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